Infestics 16 Ounce Peppermint Oil Rodent Repellent Spray - Effective for Rodents - Works for all types of Mice and Rats

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The Ultimate Natural Solution to Mice, Rats and Rodents.Rats and mice are arguably the most destructive of pests and require quick and effective handling. Why go through the uncertain hassle of traps and baits when you can get rid of them instantly with the Strike Rodent Spray.


Natural and Non-Toxic Child-Safe Rodent Spray

  1. Natural and Non-Toxic – this product is free of chemicals and made using a unique blend of essential oils, which makes it perfectly safe when used around children and pets!
  2. Extremely Effective – even though it is eco-friendly, the absence of chemicals does not compromise on the effectiveness. Just a few sprays are enough to prevent rodents from entering your home.
  3. Non-Damaging – unlike harsh chemicals, this product contains extracts of peppermint and other inert ingredients. The odor is intolerable to pests and drives them out from their hiding spots and corners yet doesn’t damage furniture, paint, carpets etc.

The spray is excellent for households with children, pets and elderly citizens or patients with a sensitive respiratory system.


How to use Rodent Spray?

Strike Rodent spray is a naturally derived product with no toxic chemicals in it. It has hassle-free usage. Simply note the areas that rodents in your house visit a lot. Look for signs of their visit. Use the spray on those areas and the holes that they use to enter your home. It’s rodent repellent formula will help you keep the rodents away and keep your house rat-free.

Do Rodent repellents Spray really work?

Yes, Strike rodent spray really works. It does not use any artificial chemicals or synthetic pesticides. Instead, it uses natural ingredients and naturally derived products that are known to repel rodents. This makes Strike an effective rodent spray while being a rodent repellent product that is safe for human beings.

How long do Rodent repellents Spray last?

Strike Rodent repellent spray has a unique, long-lasting formula that ensures that your house remains protected for several weeks even after application. After complete removal of rodents, make sure you apply the spray around your home as a preventive and control measure for better efficiency.

Is Rodent repellents Spray safe for pets?

Strike Rodent spray is made from naturally derived ingredients and has a complexly non-toxic formula. It is an effective rodent spray that is meant for use in a domestic environment. Its unique formula makes it a child-safe and pet-friendly rodent spray. This means that you can use it around your pets without worrying about harming them.


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