Spidare Spider Repellenrt spray

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It is an effective spider repellent product made from naturally derived ingredients. This makes it more effective against spiders while keeping your family protected. It has a strong formula that has a long-lasting effect, keeping your house protected for a long time.

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NATURALLY DERIVED INSECT SPRAY: It uses naturally derived ingredients as its main ingredients. The concoction of naturally derived ingredients repels spiders in a domestic environment. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, like in your lawn or garden, thus keeping your home and family safe.

PEPPERMINT SCENT: While using other insecticides, the coarse smell and a foul odor of the spray can be annoying. But with Spidare being peppermint scented and peppermint oil being one of its main ingredients, not only do you enjoy increased effectiveness, but also a soothing aroma.

CHILD SAFE & PET FRIENDLY: With Spidare, you do not have to worry about your child or your pet’s safety. The lack of harmful chemicals and synthetic insecticides makes Spidare a complete child safe and pet-friendly product.

LONG-LASTING EFFECT: Spidare’s effective formula has a long-lasting effect and prevents spiders from coming back anytime soon. Keep your garden, attic, doorways, ceiling corner spider, and cobweb free with the help of Spidare.


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