Oust Bed Bug Spray

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The Perfect Safety Measure for a Good Night’s Sleep!

Bed bugs are pesky and sturdy pests that need careful attention to completely eliminate. They are also massive irritants, as a bedbug infestation ruins the quality of your sleep. The Oust Bed Bug Spray takes care of bed bug infestations and helps you get the rest you need.

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  1. Contains acetic acid and natural essential oils that are particularly effective against bed bugs. Kills unhatched bed bug eggs as well as adult insects.
  2. Stain-free action prevents the repellent from marking and ruining your sheets, blankets and pillow covers. Can be sprayed directly onto mattresses, pillows and sheets.
  3. Non-toxic, chemical-free but effective! This naturally derived repellent poses zero harm to pets, children and elderly people. Does not irritate or cause harm to humans when inhaled.

Don’t share your bed with these harmful, uninvited intruders and eliminate the risk of diseases and bites with the Oust Bed Bug Spray!


How long does it take for bed bug spray to work?

Oust bed bug spray has a fast-acting formula that starts showing its effects immediately after its application. With proper application and proper usage, you can enjoy complete bed bug eradication from your house in no time.

How do you spray for bed bugs?

Oust Bed Bug Repellent spray has a fast application process. After proper sealing of infested rooms to prevent the infestation from spreading, you need to spray Oust on infested places and common areas where bed bugs hide.

Can you spray bed bug spray on mattress?

Yes, Oust Bed Bug Spray uses natural ingredients, making it safe for you and your family. This allows you to spray and use it in places like your furniture and mattress.

Is bed bug spray safe for pets?

Oust Bed Bug Spray is made from 100% naturally derived ingredients, making it perfectly safe for you and your family. Its unique formula makes it effective against bed bugs while being a child-safe and pet-friendly product.

How Do Bug Sprays Work?

Oust Bug Spray uses naturally derived ingredients like essential oils to repel bud bugs and prevent infestations in the future. It is also peppermint-scented, which is known to drive away bed bugs, making the bed bug spray all the more effective.


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