Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

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A Modern, Cutting-Edge Mosquito Repelling Device!

Mosquitoes are extremely common pests and are found almost everywhere, especially near stagnant water during the summer and rainy seasons. These airborne bugs are carriers of diseases such as malaria and dengue. Take no chances and keep your home mosquito-free with this unique mosquito lamp.


Portable Electric USB Led Mosquito Insect Lamp

  1. No harmful fumes, high voltage, heat or toxic residue. This device uses LED light to kill mosquitoes.
  2. Extremely useful in closed, dark rooms where mosquitoes have already entered. Attracts bugs with light.
  3. Safe, quiet and clean to use. Ideal for use in children’s rooms as it is a chemical-free solution!

The days of spraying mosquitoes down with toxic repellents are over! Get rid of them safely, quickly and effectively with the Dome Mosquito Killer Lamp.


How to Use Mosquito Killer Lamps?

Mosquito killer lamps are an automatic mosquito killer machine. They have a hassle-free usage and operating system. Simply switch on the device, and the device will start luring in mosquitos towards itself using its LED lights. It has detectors that activate when it detects mosquitos. It then activates the powerful fans with high torque to create a vortex and suck in the mosquitos and trap them in a spill-proof container.

How do you clean a mosquito killer lamp?

The mosquito lamp comes with a tight spill-proof container where it stores all the mosquitos after trapping them. Its powerful fans dehydrate the mosquitos and kill them in the container itself. The container is detachable and can be removed from the product. You can throw out the dead mosquitos and clean it with water and soap. Make sure to attach the container back in place before you switch on the device.

Are mosquito lamps safe?

The mosquito killer lamp is the safest option you can have for killing and repelling mosquitoes and having a mosquito-free home. The other alternatives to the mosquito lamp are mosquito repellant sprays, which are harmful to the environment and can directly affect your family’s health. If you consider mosquito lamps, the exposed wires pose a potential risk of you being electrocuted. On the other hand, mosquito killer lamps are perfectly safe, do not pose a threat to your family in any way, and work without aerosol sprays or electrocution. Furthermore, it collects all the mosquito and insect bodies in a container for easy disposal. 

How do electronic mosquito killer lamps work?

The mosquito killer lamp has an LED lamp, powerful fans, and a spill-proof container attached to it. The LED lights act as a lure to attract all the surrounding insects and mosquitos towards it. The fans activate when the mosquitos come close, creating an air vortex to suck those tiny insects in the lamp.  The lamp then gets collected in the detachable spill-proof container as the suction dehydrates and kills them.


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