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A Well-Rounded Measure Against a Wide Range of Pests.Most pests and bugs that infest homes are extremely small, which makes them harder to notice. Often, it’s impossible to identify an infestation before it’s too late. Fortunately, the Bugbash Home Pest Spray is the perfect tool to prevent and avoid infestations.

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Child Safe Pest Control Spray For Indoor & Outdoor Use

  1. Quick Action – the effectiveness of this repellent stems from the fact that it even acts on unhatched eggs and larvae, killing off the problem at the root!
  2. Long-Lasting – that said, it is equally effective on existing pests and penetrates every nook and cranny of a house, leaving nowhere for them to hide.
  3. Child and Pet Safe – its chemical-free and non-toxic nature ensures that it poses no threat to infants, kids and people with weak respiratory systems.
  4. Covers All Bases – effective against ants, mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches, hornets, wasps and all common household pests.

Keep your home and family safe and protected with the most well-rounded and safe natural pest repellent you can find!


Is pest control spray safe?

Yes, Bugbash Home Pest Spray uses 100% natural ingredients to make it entirely safe for a domestic environment and repel pests while protecting your family. Unlike other pest control repellent sprays and methods, it does not contain any harmful chemicals and synthetic pesticides.

How long does pest control spray last?

Bugbash Pest Control Insect Repellent Spray contains natural ingredients that make it a strong and effective concoction that protects your house from pests for a long time. It is peppermint scented to have a long-lasting effect, making it all the more effective against pests.

How often should pest control spray?

The usage of Bugbash natural pest and insect control spray would depend mainly on the scale of the infestation in your household. You might have to use it thrice a week on your initial use and then reduce the application process to once a week to ensure complete eradication and make sure that the infestation does not come back.

Is spraying be the effective way of preventing a pest infestation?

Yes, spraying Bugbash repellent spray is effective as it uses a concoction made from natural ingredients that are popular traditional remedies in several cultures.

How does pest spray work?

Bugbash Home Pest Control Spray uses naturally derived ingredients like essential oils that repel pests and insects. It is also peppermint-scented which is known to drive away insects and pests, thus making the pest spray all the more effective.


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