Traditional And Natural Rodent Infestation Control Methods

Traditional And Natural Rodent Infestation Control Methods

Calling rats, mice, and rodents a ‘nuisance’ would be going easy on them. They leave marks, transmit diseases, and damage property. In the US alone, rats have severely impacted the country’s stored food and seed grain market, and the damage costs over 5 billion in US dollars. Every year in developing countries, around 3 to 5% of the cereals are reported to be destroyed by rodents alone.

But there are multiple ways in which you can prevent rodent infestations affecting your home and your family. Although modern times have introduced us to the world of chemicals, rodenticides, and harmful pesticides, there are several traditional rodent infestation control methods you can try at your home. Let’s take a look at them.

3 Basic Principles

Prevent Rodent Infestations

If you want to control a rodent infestation in your house, you have to keep 3 basic principles of rodent control in mind to prevent rodents from further damaging your home.

1. Prevent Rodent Infestations: If you want to control a rodent infestation, taking adequate precautions to prevent a further spread should be your first step. Start with sealing all the entry points to prevent rodents from entering your home. Rodents look for food and water. Make sure you remove all the food and water sources that you are unknowingly providing them with, like a garbage can, leftover food on dishes, uncovered food, leaking water pipes, and so on.

2. Identify Rodent Infestations: Next, identify the places in your house with an active rodent infestation. Begin with looking for signs of the rodent’s presence, which includes skid marks, grease marks on the walls, paw prints, gnawing marks, and rodent droppings.  Use these signs to detect and identify the rodents’ nest and get an idea about the infestation size. 

3. Treat Rodent Infestations: Use control methods to control rodent infestation. These may include rat traps, deterrents, repellants, and other natural control measures. We discourage the idea of using chemicals, pesticides, or poison in rodent traps as they act counterproductively by harming your own family.

Promote Natural Predators

Promote Natural Predators

This is the best way to remove rodent problems from your house effectively. This has been a traditional rodent control method for ages. With the introduction of predatory animals in the domestic environment like cats, the rodent population gets discouraged.

If this feels too much of a hassle as maintaining a pet cat is a responsibility in itself, you can also try alternative methods like using predator urine. Spray urine of the animals of predatory animals like cats and coyotes. For the rodent population, that will seem like the presence of a predatory animal, discouraging them from stepping into your house.

Removing Food & Water Source

Removing Food & Water source

Rodents are scavengers. They look for food and water sources. In an urban environment, it is mostly people’s houses and gardens. Once you take away the food and water source from them, like garbage cans, waste, leftover food, leaky pipes, etc., they would be forced to leave your house and look for shelter elsewhere with better resource options.  



Setting up traps is quite an intelligent way of dealing with a rodent infestation. It is a traditional way of catching rats and getting them off the premises, thus actively removing the infestation yourself. Do not use traps that involve poisons or acid. They are inhumane in nature. Moreover, the poison or acid may fall over and cause fatal accidents, especially if you have kids or pets in your house.

Repellents & Deterrents

Repellents & Deterrents

Using rodent repellents and deterrents are common and effective methods to deal with rodent infestations. Although rodenticides are quite common, make sure you do not use any products that contain harmful chemicals as it can harm your family, especially children. Use rodent repellent with natural ingredients and common household deterrents to effectively remove rodents from your house without exposing your safe abode to harmful chemicals.

Suppose you are wondering why we are so strongly recommending against the use of rodent control methods like acids, poisons, or chemicals and recommending traditional humane methods like deterrents and repellents, well. In that case, we have a reason for that. If you want to know the reason why you should stay away from such inhumane methods, keep an eye on our blog page to get the answer to your queries.

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