Remove Ticks From Your Pet Dog [7 Easy Steps]

Remove Ticks From Your Pet Dog -7 Easy Steps

We know how annoying ticks can be. What’s worse is that it can hurt our beloved dogs, making it all the more annoying. If your dog loves to play in the garden or your lawn, and if you haven’t done proper pest control, your dog can pick up ticks. Your dog is most likely to pick up ticks if it steps on the grasslands or you visit the countryside.

Anyway, once your dog picks up a tick, it doesn’t matter from where it picked up. What matters is how quickly and how efficiently you provide relief to your dog. So let’s take a look at the steps of removing ticks from your dog.

Step 1: Get Proper Equipment


To remove ticks from your dog efficiently, you will need a proper set of tick removal tools. Appropriate tools will make the tick removal process more manageable and also prevent infection. You will need:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Proper tick removing tool
  • Dog-friendly disinfectant
  • A closed-lid jar

Step 2: Gloves On!

Gloves On!

Put on your gloves to ensure that you do not spread any germs on the dog’s open skin or bite area. This will also prevent spreading infection. Make sure you dispose of the gloves once you are done with the process.

Step 3: Sit Like A Good Boy!

Dog Siting

Removing a tick is a delicate process. You need to get the tick out entirely and not leave its head inside the dog’s skin. For this to work, your dog needs to stay still. Understandably, your dog might be in a bit of pain and might find it challenging to stay in a place during the process. For this, you can also get an extra pair of helping hands to hold your dog in place.

If things are a bit hard to control, do not hesitate to visit a vet to make it a safe and healthy procedure.

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Step 4: Get Your Gear On

Proper Disposal

Once you get your dog to stay still in one place, part the skin’s fur and hair with the tick. Get your tick removal tool and place it around the tick closest to the skin to ensure complete removal. Getting the tick removal tool close to the skin will increase your chances of removing the tick without leaving its head in the dog.

It is essential that you have a complete removal without leaving behind the tick head or the mouthparts as it may cause infection. Do not hesitate to get help from your vet if you face issues.

Step 5: Pull out, Gently

Pull out ticks

Now that you have a grip on the tick, it’s time you start pulling it out gently. You have to be extremely careful while engaging in this step.

Maintain a steady pressure at all times and gently pull up the tick. Give it a gentle twist to detach it from the dog’s body. DO NOT squeeze at any point in time as you might crush the tick and infect the dog.

If needed, repeat the process.

Step 6: Proper Disposal

Proper Disposal

With the tick now removed, you need to dispose of the tick. Please do not throw it on the sink or a garbage bin, as they can and will crawl out. You need to pick it and keep it contained in a jar and close the lid to prevent it from escaping.

You can also preserve the tick and take it to the vet for testing.

Step 7: Disinfect


Once you remove the tick, you need to disinfect your dog’s skin area to make sure that there are now infections. You can use dog-friendly disinfectants to clean and disinfect the area.

Tick removal is an easy process, but it needs to be done carefully. Once a tick is removed, keep an eye on your dog’s behavior and keep checking the area for lumps or pus leaking. If you see any reaction or abnormalities on the dog skin, you need to immediately visit the vet.

To ensure that the dog doesn’t get a tick in the future, make sure you provide your dog with a safe and hygienic environment. If your dog seems to get ticks from your garden, lawn, or backyard, you can use dog-friendly pest control sprays to keep your beloved pet safe.

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