Home Decor for a White Christmas Theme

Home Decor for a White Christmas Theme

A white Christmas! The name itself sounds grand and lavish. For those who spent their childhood being fascinated with movies like Narnia, it is pretty nostalgic as well! Remember the Jadis, the white witch in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? The white look and the snowy ambiance was pretty fascinating. It’s time you make the fantasy into a reality by having a white theme for this year’s Christmas.

So, to help you out with the grand theme and make it all the more majestic, let us help you out with home décor ideas that can make your white Christmas theme all the more.

1. A White Christmas Tree

A White Christmas Tree

Christmas is incomplete without a Christmas tree. Bring in your Christmas conifer and decorate with white-colored Christmas tree decorations. Foam spray and fake snow can be of great help. If you plan it carefully, the white Christmas tree with hints of vibrant green peeping from behind can be the star attraction of your room. Add some silver ornaments and silver glitter if you want it to look more white.

Home Décor Ideas For A White Themed Christmas!

2. Wood & White Elements

Wood & White Elements

While decorating your house, you must have a color palette in mind. Having only white colors in your room can make it feel a bit too much. So, to add highlights, you will need to add complementary colors like brown.

What can be better than wood for those shades? Having wooden decorations in your room will make it look elegant and impressive. The subtle rustic Scandinavian feel will give your room a sophisticated touch, which will make your holiday season all the more special.

3. White Mantelpiece

White Mantelpiece

Playing with white hues is important if you want to make your room bright, white, and beautiful. Although you are adding a Christmas tree to the list of home decors in your living room, having a white mantelpiece will be a game-changer.

If adding a white marble showpiece feels a bit too much, simply place white roses in the center and enjoy your room’s elegant look.

4. White Wreath

White Wreath

While adding white decoration to your house, you mustn’t forget Christmas traditions. Hang a white wreath to fill your room with a Christmas vibe. You can also get a big mirror with a white frame and use it to hang your white wreath. 

The mirror will add the illusion of increased space in the living room, while the entire wreath-mirror combination adds an elegant feel to it.


White Clock

Having a clock in your living room is an old school trick to give off a sophisticated feel. It will serve its purpose as well as fit into the white Christmas theme.

6. Doma Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

Doma Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

While celebrating Christmas, we cannot forget the mosquitoes and insects that irritates us every holiday season. We know how dangerous those mosquito sprays are. On the other hand, the electric traps with live wires can be an eyesore and dangerous, especially if you have kids around. Alternatively, Doma Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp provides a much safer and, most importantly, an aesthetic option.

It fits right into the white Christmas theme and lures out all the mosquitoes from their hiding spots, and sucks them in to kill them. 

Tell us what more you are planning to add to your white Christmas themed décor and share your home décor ideas with us. Enjoy loads, have fun, and have a merry mosquito-free Christmas.

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