6 Best Natural Pest Control Methods for Your Home

Tiny creepy crawlies disrupting regular human lives and humans looking for natural pest control methods for their homes have been running parallely since time immemorial. With the advancement of technology and biochemistry, lots of synthetic pesticides and chemicals have taken over the market.

But, the effectiveness of those chemical insecticides come at a price, as they have proven to be fatal to humans. So, even with the advancing times, humans had to fall back on nature to look for natural remedies and natural pest control methods for their homes.

To help you out, here are few natural pest control methods for your home that will not only help you eradicate pests but also prevent infestations in the future.

1. Garlic


What seems to be a tasty aromatic spice for human dishes, need not be aromatic for all other species. Garlic is an effective pesticide as the pungent smell repels insects and caterpillars. It is an excellent pest deterrent and several cultures use garlic water solution to repel pests from their home.

2. Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds

While the smell of coffee can lift your mood for an entire day, it can make mosquitos run for their lives. In several parts of the world, coffee grounds are used to kill mosquito larvae. So next time you make a hot cup of coffee for yourself, make sure to dump the coffee grounds on the mosquito areas of your home.

3. Citrus Juice

Citrus Juice

The smell of lemons and citrus fruits is a known pest and insect repellent in several cultures. Many traditional cultures use juice from citric fruits to eradicate insect infestation and pest infestation. It is not only effective but cheap as well.

You can use the juice with other natural remedies like essential oil and mint leaf extracts to make it all the more effective. You can also peel off the skin of citrus fruits like lemons and apply it on pest infested areas to protect your belongings.

4. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Although this is a common and popular life hack, we cannot stress this enough. Eucalyptus oil and essential oils work like magic on insects and flies. It not only repels them but also leaves a sweet smell in your house, which leaves you relaxed and calm.

5. Mint Leaves

Mint Leaves

The strong smell of mint is effective against insects and house pests. You can hang dry mint leaves in your room to enjoy the sweet cool aroma of mint and repel pests and insects at the same time. If you want, you can boil a cup of water in dry mint leaves and make your own effective natural pest spray that works better than any toxic chemical insecticides and pesticides.

6. Cinnamon


If you are worried about pests eating away your garden and spoiling your plants, glue some cinnamon sticks to your garden and watch as the insects run away. Its strong smell acts as an excellent pest and insect repellent that not only keeps your garden safe but also your home. You can also keep a small cinnamon stick or sprinkle powdered cinnamon in the corners of your room to prevent insect growth.

These are all effective and proven natural remedies for pest and insect problems. Being a natural pest control method, these solutions are suitable for your home and domestic environment. Not only will they protect your house but also leave a sweet aroma and a strong fragrance.

If you want to make your natural pest control spray a bit stronger and more effective, you can use multiple ingredients from the ingredients and make your own concoction and spray it around the house.

Alternatively, if making your own concoction feels like too much work, you can also buy Infestics’ BugBash Pest Spray that uses naturally derived ingredients to protect your home from pests and insect infestations.  

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