Go Clean, Go Green
Non-Toxic Pest Control

Brand Features

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Promising pest control solutions that keep the world safe, healthy and green

Unique & Effective

Striving to implement creative pest control solutions that will keep homes safe and pest-free with zero environmental cost


Achieving pest-free environments without compromising on the safety of loved ones.


Strike Back at Rodents and Mice!

Facing a rodent infestation? Put a stop to it today with the Strike Rodent Spray. A 100% natural, non-toxic repellent that leaves rodents with no chance!


Brad Stevens.
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As an asthmatic patient, I couldn’t be happier. Living in the suburbs can be difficult, especially with the problem of rodents and mice. Infestics helps me keep my home safe and my surroundings clean without compromising on my health and wellbeing!
Dorothy Burke
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Living in Maine means that you have no choice but to deal with an army of bugs and pests. Fortunately, Infestics non-chemical pest control keeps our home bug-free and the health of our kids and pets completely safe!
Fred Murray
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For me, the most impressive part about Infestics is that I don’t even realise that it’s been sprayed. It’s a wonderful change from the harsh, pungent toxic repellents that I’m accustomed to yet still does a fantastic job.